Kinder Morgan does not pay fees to recruiting or staffing agencies in which we do not have an established written agreement.

Kinder Morgan will only pay fees for positions that are released to agencies through our Applicant Tracking System. The release and notification from our Applicant Tracking System is job specific and all applicants must be submitted through the Applicant Tracking System. Kinder Morgan will not accept resumes submitted from agencies outside of the Applicant Tracking System.

Only designated HR representatives have the authority to engage and enter into agreements with Staffing and Recruiting agencies. Employees making hiring decisions do not have the company’s authority to engage or enter in to agreements with Recruiting and Staffing agencies.

If a recruiting or staffing agency submits applicants without meeting the conditions stated above, Kinder Morgan reserves the right to pursue that candidate without any financial obligation to that recruiting or staffing agency.

If you are interested in becoming a Preferred Direct Hire Staffing Vendor, please send your company information to